171: Leadership Is a Way of Life, Not a Position

171: Leadership Is a Way of Life, Not a Position

171: Leadership Is a Way of Life, Not a Position

What would your life look like if you were guided by these three leadership principles: Be present, stay conscious, act compassionately? My guest Teresa Roche lives those principles every day and guides others to do the same. You’ll love the important insights Teresa shares about her key learnings in her own journey as a leader…and as a human being.

Teresa is the leader of the Human Resources team for the City of Fort Collins, and she has more than thirty years of experience working as an executive in various high-tech companies. Teresa has a deep passion for collaboration and learning because she’s interested in how individuals and organizations develop the capability to interpret an evolving and complex environment in order to take effective action.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Teresa changed her title from Chief Human Resources Officer to Human Resources Executive
  • How Teresa has used the Enneagram over the past 40 years for her own growth and for the growth of those she works with
  • Why Teresa makes no distinction between work self and home self
  • How she defines “radical candor” and uses it to wake people up to their potential

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