062: Using Your Own Science As a Guide to a More Meaningful Life

062: Using Your Own Science As a Guide to a More Meaningful Life

Strong for Performance Podcast

What role can science play in organizational outcomes and personal well-being? My guest Sharon Strauss provides the answer to this question—and so much more—in this interview. Sharon is Founder of The Human Insight Group, an Executive Coaching and Leadership Advisory firm that serves clients globally. As the creator of HumanSight®, she uses insights from the latest neuroscience research to help her clients approach situations in new ways. Before becoming a coach, Sharon spent 15 years in her own technology consulting practice providing Fortune 500 companies with technical experts in internet networking and project leadership.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Sharon believes now is the time for a human revolution in the culture of organizations
  • What makes self-awareness and emotional regulation critical for all leaders
  • The science behind our brains and bodies
  • Why a sense of belonging and trust are essential for effective team interactions and results
  • The benefits of learning to pay attention to signals from your body

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