202: UC Berkeley’s Focus on People and Culture

202: UC Berkeley’s Focus on People and Culture

202: UC Berkeley’s Focus on People and Culture

What’s wrong with the term, Human Resources? In this enlightening conversation, Eugene Whitlock explains why he prefers People and Culture. He also describes the valuable work his DEI team has done to put in place an Equity Training Series and an Inclusive Leadership Academy for faculty and staff.

Eugene is Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and the Chief People & Culture Officer at the University of California Berkeley. Eugene leads a 75-person human resources department including talent acquisition, people and organization development, employee and labor relations, total rewards, diversity equity, inclusion and belonging, and human resources information systems. During his time at UC Berkeley, Eugene has emphasized the creation of a workplace where everyone can be themselves and feel like they belong.

You’ll discover:

  • What Eugene did when he became a leader for the first time
  • Why he’s a big believer in feedback
  • The reason for changing from Human Resources to People and Culture
  • Why Eugene set up a DEI team and the programs now offered to faculty and staff
  • Two research projects in the Psychology Department and the Haas School of Business that Eugene is involved with

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