089: Create Your Dream Business and Lifestyle

089: Create Your Dream Business and Lifestyle

Want to get insights about creating your Dream Business so you can live your Dream Lifestyle? My guest Jim Palmer has done just that. Jim and his wife sold their home of 30 years to embark on a four-year (so far!) adventure on their boat, Floating Home. And he manages all his businesses from there. Jim also shares his journey as a serial entrepreneur, revealing successes and setbacks in his various businesses. You’ll enjoy Jim’s positive energy, truth-telling and personal stories!

You’ll discover:

  • Why imposter syndrome is so common and how to get past it
  • The value of making decisions quickly
  • Ways to create strong bonds with clients so they stay with you and refer you to others
  • The most important elements that Jim credits for his success (and they’re NOT credentials or formal education)


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