097: Build a Positive Culture That Creates a Positive Spillover in the World

097: Build a Positive Culture That Creates a Positive Spillover in the World

Why is it so important to have a positive culture in the workplace and eliminate any toxic elements? The ripple effects of both types of environments may surprise you. My guest JoAnna Brandi has a deep understanding of the dynamics and shares her expertise with great enthusiasm and clarity. You’ll love the specific actions she recommends leaders take to notice others’ strengths and express appreciation for them.

JoAnna has been in business since 1990 helping companies create happy, engaged, and productive employees who are dedicated to providing “Exquisite” Customer Care. She’s the author of several books, including 54 Ways to Stay Positive and two on customer loyalty. She is passionate about helping her clients activate the link between positivity and profitability, creating “great companies to work for and do business with.”

You’ll discover:

  • Why there’s now dis-connect between Engagement and Wellbeing since the pandemic…and what organizations need to know
  • Why having happy, engaged employees is a prerequisite for superb customer service
  • The characteristics and behaviors leaders can model to set up a positive culture
  • How a toxic work environment can impact domestic violence and school bullying
  • The scientific basis for a focus on employee well-being and happiness in the workplace

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