252: How to Help Transitioning Leaders Succeed

252: How to Help Transitioning Leaders Succeed

252: How to Help Transitioning Leaders Succeed

What causes so many leaders to fail when they are transitioning to a senior leadership role? Robert Witherspoon reveals important reasons, based on his decades of experience coaching leaders in transition. What he shares can help your organization avoid those pitfalls and instead ensure success.

Robert is a leadership coach for top executives, and he’s been serving leaders in business and government since 1990. He specializes in C-Suite and Leadership Transition Coaching.

Robert is the lead author, along with Randy White, of Four Essential Ways That Coaching Can Help Executives, the first field guide to executive coaching, published by the Center for Creative Leadership in 1997. Robert has been doing this work well before executive coaching and leadership development became popular boardroom language. Today he is considered a pioneer in the coaching profession.

His mission is to provide immediate impact, measurable results, and sustainable success. He achieves this by helping leaders develop their leadership skills and facilitating their transitions to new roles.

You’ll discover:

  • What Leadership Transition is and why it matters
  • Some of the key transitions that have major impact on an organization
  • What’s often missing before a leader moves into a new position
  • The role of robust assessments in identifying potential challenges for the leader

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