238: How to Live Life in Crescendo

238: How to Live Life in Crescendo

238: How to Live Life in Crescendo

Did you know that Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was working on another book before he died in 2012? The book is called Live Life In Crescendo: Your Most Important Work is Always Ahead of You.

His co-author was his daughter Cynthia Covey Haller, and she was committed to see the book through to publication. This took several years because of all the stories she included as examples of the “Crescendo Mentality.”

In this unforgettable conversation, Cynthia takes us behind the scenes about the creation of the book and the key message that Stephen was eager to get out to the world in the last years of his life. She also reveals the condition that robbed Stephen of his ability to speak and write near the end.

You’ll discover:

  • The story behind the book’s title and subtitle
  • Examples of what the Crescendo Mentality looks like in action
  • Why contribution is a key theme running throughout the book
  • How Stephen turns the concept of “retirement” upside down
  • What you can do to be a “Transition” person who ends unhealthy patterns in a family or community

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