234: Practicing The Collaborative Way

234: Practicing The Collaborative Way

234: Practicing The Collaborative Way

What would happen if everyone in an organization adopted a collaborative approach to working together? Lloyd Fickett has facilitated such transformations scores of times over the past 20+ years with a set of 5 practices he created called The Collaborative Way. In this powerful conversation, Lloyd explains each one and describes the benefits that individuals, teams, and entire companies experience as a result of living these practices.

Lloyd founded Lloyd Fickett & Associates, Inc. in 1983, a management consulting firm initially focused on leadership, team building and extraordinary performance. In 1990 he developed The Collaborative Way® while working with Rodel, one of his clients. Since then, Lloyd

has helped his clients adopt The Collaborative Way® in order to build the futures they envision while navigating challenges like rapid growth, mergers, acquisitions, and other market pressures.

Lloyd is co-author of two books, The Collaborative Way®: A Story About Engaging the Mind and Spirit of a Company and Leading the Collaborative Way: Overcoming the Seven Most Common Pitfalls.

You’ll discover:

  • What led Lloyd to create The Collaborative Way while working with Rodel, one of his clients
  • Why Listening Generously is the #1 practice
  • That Honoring Commitments is not just about making them
  • The distinction Lloyd makes between Acknowledgement and Appreciation
  • The benefits one company has experienced by practicing the 5 commitments for 25 years

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