080: A Beautiful Love Story with Lessons for Your Life

080: A Beautiful Love Story with Lessons for Your Life

Would you commit to a relationship if you knew your partner had Stage-IV cancer? My guest Larry Indiviglia made the choice to say YES to Gayle, and he wrote 126 Days, 11 Minutes: Our Love Story to honor that very special woman. In this exceptional interview, Larry shares what he learned and how he grew as a result of his 126 days with Gayle before she succumbed to her cancer. Be sure to listen until the end as Larry reads Gayle’s beautiful note to him about finding love again in the future.

You’ll discover:

  • What you can learn by saying YES to risks you face in life
  • Why it’s better to love with loss than never to love at all
  • The skills Larry drew on from his coaching experience to be the best possible support in her final weeks
  • Why it’s important to have a network of supporters when you’re going through a tough time
  • How to create a “shield of serenity” when you face a difficult challenge…and the impact that can have on those around you

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