217: How to Serve the Neurodiverse People in Your World

217: How to Serve the Neurodiverse People in Your World

217: How to Serve the Neurodiverse People in Your World

Do you know someone who struggles at work or at home because of neurodiversity or executive functioning challenges? If so, you’re going to find this interview with Michelle Raz extremely valuable! You’ll learn what you can do to support them, whether they’re an employee on your team or a family member.

Michelle is a certified career coach and the owner of Raz Coaching where she works with neurodiverse professionals. She helps them shift from feeling like a misunderstood outsider to feeling like they belong by taking them through a process that identifies their strengths and gives them strategies for success.

And in case you have a high school or college student in your home, Michelle is also co-founder of Thrivister – an academic coaching company specializing in helping neurodiverse students. She’s the author of Happiness+Passion+Purpose, which she wrote to guide people to identify their strengths and discover the career they love.

You’ll discover:

  • The meaning of the terms “neurodivergent” and “executive functioning challenge”
  • Cues leaders can pay attention to, for employees who might otherwise go under the radar
  • How leaders can tap into the unique gifts these individuals have to offer
  • Three tips for helping a neurodivergent person experience greater success

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