219: Flipping the Org Chart Upside Down at Ethico

219: Flipping the Org Chart Upside Down at Ethico

219: Flipping the Org Chart Upside Down at Ethico

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an org chart were flipped, so it was an upside-down triangle? Meet Nick Gallo. He and his brother Giovanni are Co-CEOs at Ethico, and they’ve accomplished this by putting their clients at the top of the pyramid.

Nick Gallo is Chief Servant and Co-CEO of Ethico, a company that provides human resource, compliance and ethics solutions that serve 8 million employees in over 100 countries. He has the distinction of being the only millennial CEO of a compliance company.

Nick is a first-generation American son of a Cuban refugee and member of Mensa International. He’s a student of behavioral economics and organizational psychology, and he’s a thought leader in the compliance and culture space. Nick has dedicated his life to serving — his community, clients, and team — in order to make the world a better workplace.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Nick’s other title is Chief Servant…and what it communicates to everyone else in the company
  • How Nick got buy-in from employees for flipping the org chart
  • What Day 0 looks like for new employees
  • Strategies used at Ethico to attract and hire the right people
  • The initiatives in place to give employees opportunities to learn and grow

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