073: Be of Service to People Already in Your Network

073: Be of Service to People Already in Your Network

Want to know what service-oriented marketing and sales look like? My guest Robert Grabel explains his approach, which makes it easy for him to acquire new clients. You’re sure to get ideas you can apply to your own business development efforts! Robert created his firm Nonprofit Now! to provide organizations and their leaders with the support they need to change the world. Nonprofit Now! offers leaders customized services that nonprofits need to grow and thrive, such as Executive Coaching, Board Development, and Fundraising. In late 2020 Robert will release his first book, Just Do the Work: The Portable Nonprofit Coach.   

You’ll discover:

  • How Robert transitioned from cold-calling as a financial advisor to reaching out to people who already know, like and trust him
  • The email message that gets results for Robert when he invites his connections to have a conversation
  • Why Robert has 3-4 conversations instead of just 1 with a prospective client
  • The distinction Robert makes between consulting and coaching

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