120: Aim for Expansion Not Balance

120: Aim for Expansion Not Balance

How do you respond to unexpected and unwelcome events in your life? My guest Vanessa Broers has walked this path herself and helps her coaching clients navigate these situations successfully, too. In our conversation, Vanessa shares specific lessons she learned during her pregnancy and her first year of motherhood. You won’t want to miss this interview, where you’ll learn how to see that “life’s challenges are specifically designed for your success.”

Vanessa is a life and performance coach and the host of a weekly live show on Facebook and YouTube called “Practical Magic.” She is the best copywriter, bar none, in describing her guest for an upcoming show…and her interviews are all excellent. Vanessa is the author of a book about her experience with motherhood called We Are One, which I’ve read and highly recommend.

You’ll discover:

  • The distinction Vanessa makes between “balance” and “integration” or “expansion”
  • Insights Vanessa gained during her pregnancy and first year of motherhood as a result of deep personal development work she did during that time
  • The experience that helped her discover how to take in the fullness of the present moment and not just one piece of it
  • Why Vanessa believes we’ve gotten “motherhood” all wrong
  • What she means when she tells clients to “stop asking for love like an infant”

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