081: Use Targeted Podcast Interviews to Explode Your Business

081: Use Targeted Podcast Interviews to Explode Your Business

Want an effective, time-efficient way to get in front of your ideal prospective clients? My guest Tom Schwab explains how you can use targeted podcast interviews to establish credibility, build your list, and acquire clients. Tom is the Founder and CEO of Interview Valet, the category king in podcast interview marketing. He makes a strong case for adding “podcast guest” as one of your most effective strategies for acquiring new clients. You’ll get practical tips on identifying the best podcasts, approaching hosts, and making offers that build your list and start conversations. His approach is based on serving first and creating relationships.

You’ll discover:

  • The strategies that are not working to bring in the clients you seek
  • 5 criteria to use when deciding which podcasts you want to appear on
  • Best practices for ensuring you get booked on the shows you’ve targeted
  • How to be an ideal guest, from the host’s perspective
  • Why it’s important to make THREE offers at the end of your interview

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