218: A CEO’s Impact on a Young Leader

218: A CEO’s Impact on a Young Leader

218: A CEO’s Impact on a Young Leader

Have you ever had a boss who challenged you because they saw your long-term potential? Geoffrey Roche was lucky enough to work for a CEO who led him that way, and her influence is reflected in the way he leads his own teams today. You’ll take away ideas that can help you be that kind of leader to others.

Geoffrey is the son of a nurse, as well as a future of work and education expert. The combination of healthcare and higher ed represents a common thread throughout his professional career, which includes over nine years in hospital administration and in senior leadership roles at two universities.

Geoffrey currently serves as the Senior Vice President of National Health Care Practice & Workforce Partnerships at Core Education, a Public Benefit Corporation. He is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and a champion for transforming health equity. He’s also the host of the EdUp HealthUp podcast.

You’ll discover:

  • How Geoffrey continues to model behaviors he learned from an extraordinary CEO he worked for
  • What led him to be a Heart Leader and adopt Love as a way of being with others
  • Why Geoffrey’s superpower is connection
  • The importance of addressing career mobility with employees
  • What’s different in the way Geoffrey leads and coaches his remote team

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