063: Go ALL IN and Eliminate Your Fears about Money

063: Go ALL IN and Eliminate Your Fears about Money

What limiting beliefs about money and your own potential are holding you back? My guest Chris Dorris shares profound insights and life-changing ideas in our conversation, including the 6 steps of his ALL IN process. Chris is a Mental Toughness who’s the psychological equivalent of a physical trainer. He helps clients develop mental exercises they can do every day to expand their thinking about themselves and the world. Bring pen and paper to this interview because Chris shares dozens of nuggets that you’ll want to record and review often.

You’ll discover:

  • Why “I can’t afford it” is never a true statement
  • How become an emotional master and effortlessly create more excellence
  • The difference between a DECISION and a GOAL
  • What a quantum leap is and the elements that allow one to occur for you
  • The importance of I AM statements to help you visualize and affirm your very best self

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