142: Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

142: Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

142: Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

Think back to a time when you were anxious about addressing an issue with someone at work. How long did you put it off? My guest Roberta Matuson has written a powerful book to help you prepare for and have those challenging conversations. In her interview, we discussed the important, practical guidance she provides in her latest book, Can We Talk? Seven Principles for Managing Difficult Conversations at Work. We took a deep dive into the topics of confidence, clarity of preparation, compassion, and curiosity. You are sure to pick up tips that you can use next time you need to have one of those difficult discussions.

Roberta is president of Matuson Consulting. For more than 25 years, she’s been helping organizations like General Motors and Microsoft achieve dramatic growth through the maximization of talent. And that’s why she’s known worldwide as The Talent Maximizer. She’s the author of six commercially published books and an executive coach who leads her clients to reduce the time and stress often associated with speaking up to a boss, coworker or direct report.

You’ll discover:

  • The impact that the Great Resignation has had on open, honest communications
  • How to plan for the worst and expect the best
  • The kinds of conversations people avoid having with each other…and why
  • Questions you can ask yourself to gain clarity about the purpose and desired outcomes for a conversation
  • Why empathy and compassion are key elements in building trust in work relationships

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