256: A Leader’s Impact on Culture and the Employee Journey

256: A Leader’s Impact on Culture and the Employee Journey

256: A Leader’s Impact on Culture and the Employee Journey

Do you know of a leader who worked with the same team of people for 12 years? Russel Lolacher achieved that feat. In this interview, Russel reveals exactly what he did to create the environment that caused every person to want to stay and give their best effort. You’ll learn valuable strategies that you can implement immediately with your own team.

Russel is an international speaker and the founder and host of Relationships at Work Podcast.  It’s the leadership guide to creating a workplace we love. On his show, Russel digs into timely and relevant topics with global experts on how to be better leaders and create healthy workplace cultures.

He’s held successful leadership and communication roles for almost 25 years, retaining one team for almost 12 years. Russel’s work and expertise in building employee and customer trust has been recognized on international stages and in multiple publications. He’s been named 4 times  as a Top Thought Leader by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI).

You’ll discover:

  • Why Russel uses Air, Land, and Sea to describe the 3 levels of awareness that leaders must have
  • How Russel created a psychologically safe work environment for his team
  • What’s missing in most organizations after the onboarding process, to complete employee’s journey with an organization
  • The long-term impact of poor leadership on people, even after they leave the organization
  • Key take-aways Russel has learned from the guests on his podcast

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