050: Sales Is Not a Dirty Word

050: Sales Is Not a Dirty Word

Are your sales skills at the level they need to be? My guest Steve Heroux speaks openly about what’s wrong with much of the sales training offered today and what he’s doing to address it. Steve is Founder and CEO of Victory Selling, and he uses a unique tool called the Sales DNA Test to help anyone in a sales role, including business owners, to identify the real factors that are holding them back. Steve was #1 producer with Aflac and CUTCO Cutlery, so the insights he shares in this episode are based on his experiences “in the trenches.” You’ll love his positive energy and passion for this topic!

You’ll discover:

  • Why Steve was an unlikely candidate for success in sales yet became the #1 producer in two big companies
  • The reason a one-size-fits-all approach to selling doesn’t work
  • Critical pieces that are missing from most sales training programs
  • The three traits essential if you want to make more sales

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