065: Increase Your Sales with Authentic Persuasion

065: Increase Your Sales with Authentic Persuasion

How would you rate your confidence level in sales situations? If you feel it could use a boost, my guest Jason Cutter shares practical ideas you can start using immediately. He explains how to acquire more clients by adopting the approach of professionals like physicians, who diagnose problems and prescribe solutions. Jason is CEO of Cutter Consulting Group and sees himself as a sales success architect. His new book is Selling with Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taking to Quota Breaker, where he explains how a marine biologist with ZERO sales experience became a high-priced sales trainer hired by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

You’ll discover:

  • Why “authentic” plus “persuasion” is a compelling framework for increasing sales
  • Tips for increasing your effectiveness when you’re in front of a potential client
  • How to incorporate your “flawed past” appropriately into sales conversations
  • Questions to ask that help you get at the “why” behind the client’s needs
  • The 5 aspects of your mindset that make the biggest difference in sales success

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