Episode 005: How to Become a Revenue Rockstar

Episode 005: How to Become a Revenue Rockstar

005: How to Become a Revenue Rockstar

by John Livesay

If you find yourself anxious in sales situations with potential clients, this episode is for you! My guest John Livesay explains how to incorporate storytelling into your sales conversations to become memorable and compelling. John’s insights about handling objections, dealing with rejection and asking for the business are priceless. To go deeper with his material, get his best-selling book, Better Selling through Storytelling: The Essential Roadmap for Becoming a Revenue Rockstar, and subscribe to The Successful Pitch Podcast.

You’ll discover:

  • Why stories trigger attention and engagement more than facts or figures
  • How to overcome the fear of selling by becoming a master storyteller
  • Questions you can ask that help you discover other needs they have so you can add more value and expand the scope of the project
  • How to reframe objections and rejection so you maintain a positive mindset and momentum

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