283: How You Can Develop an Aligned Mindset

283: How You Can Develop an Aligned Mindset

283: How You Can Develop an Aligned Mindset

What role does mindset play in achieving your greatest work and personal goals? It’s the foundation for everything! In this inspiring and valuable conversation, Sohee Jun, Ph.D., explains why that is true. We discuss several key ideas from Sohee’s latest book, The Aligned Mindset: Secrets of High-Achieving Women for Navigating Work and Life.

Sohee is a premier leadership coach for women, mindset expert, bestselling author, corporate leadership facilitator, TEDx keynote speaker, and thought leader and contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council.

The Aligned Mindset is the result of her two decades of transforming the lives and work of high-performing executive women at top companies such as Netflix, Fox, Disney, and others. Sohee shares the secrets of how highly successful women have created a winning mindset—conquering imposter syndrome, silencing inner critics, and empowering them to prioritize their own version of success.

You’ll discover:

  • The role of awareness in achieving greater alignment
  • How you can reframe the way you view situations or people
  • Micro-actions that reduce self-doubt and build self-confidence
  • How finding your North Star can guide your decisions about success
  • Why Sohee refers to mentors as your “Tribe of Advocates”

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