208: Tips for Remarkable Speaking

208: Tips for Remarkable Speaking

208: Tips for Remarkable Speaking

Do you ever get nervous when you need to speak in public, whether your audience is one person or a large group of 100 or 1,000? You’re not alone! Shelley Goldstein and Mark Bossert are experts in helping people calm down and relax. You’ll want to take notes as you listen to the many valuable ideas they share for becoming a confident, compelling speaker.

Shelley and Mark are international speaking coaches and the founders of Remarkable Speaking. They’ve trained thousands of people in over 40 countries in a wide variety of industries.

Shelley struggled to memorize scripts, making her incredibly nervous and tongue-tied when she had to present. Mark was terrified to speak up because he was anxiety ridden and lost his confidence from sleepless nights.

The two of them met in a public speaking course. The investment and experience mastering those skills became Shelley’s and Mark’s inspiration for developing their own signature transformational methodology to help others overcome their speaking fears.

You’ll discover:

  • The benefits of being imperfect and vulnerable when you’re speaking
  • What to do if someone in the audience is not engaged in what you’re saying
  • How to connect with your breath and your emotions to increase your effectiveness
  • The distinction between personal and private when deciding what to share with an audience
  • How Shelley and Mark use small groups and gamification to help someone gain confidence and get past imposter syndrome

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