125: The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership

125: The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership

125: The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership

What does it take for women to thrive in the corporate world? After spending decades trying to figure out the answers, my guest Helen Appleby came to realize that men had advantages that women didn’t. So she formulated her own set of rules that she now shares through her book, podcast, coaching and programs for women. In this interview, Helen shares specific, practical tips based on her experiences. My male listeners will benefit from our entire conversation and in particular the ideas she shares at the end on how men can support women in the workplace.

Helen is an expert in women’s leadership. She’s navigated her own path to success in corporate life, which included running a billion-dollar global business and living and working in six countries. Helen now provides coaching and training to other women leaders. She wrote her book The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership to help women step into their power, write their own rules and succeed in their career. She’s also the host of The Unwritten Rules Podcast, where she interviews women about their journeys and lessons learned in the corporate world.

You’ll discover:

  • Why the advice Helen’s father gave her was both encouraging and unhelpful
  • The difference between visible and invisible work—and why invisible work is not enough
  • Helen’s recommendation for making your work more visible without coming across as self-promotional
  • The roles of Mentors and Sponsors in helping you advance your career
  • 3 things men can do to support the women they work with

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