109: How Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide Is Developing Future Leaders

109: How Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide Is Developing Future Leaders

Want encouragement about the future of our youth? My guest Asheesh Advani, President and CEO of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, describes all the ways JA is preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship. As one of the world’s largest NGOs, JA is in more than 100 countries and reach 12 million students each year. Asheesh is a visionary and inspiring leader. You’ll love hearing the passion in his voice as he describes the impact JA is having on the lives of students around the globe. And he’s equally committed to developing his own team so they can serve their constituents in the most powerful way possible. Asheesh also describes how you can get involved as a volunteer in JA in your area.

You’ll discover:

  • The impact on career choice of high school students who shadow someone in a work setting
  • How AI lets students experiment with different career experiences
  • Why it’s so important for non-profits to do impact tracking for their programs
  • What Asheesh does to invest in the development of his leadership team
  • The benefits Asheesh gained from getting 360 feedback and working with a coach

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