267: Becoming a Master of Change

267: Becoming a Master of Change

267: Becoming a Master of Change

You can’t predict which career and life experiences will serve you in the future. Yet each one can prepare you for your next adventure if you become skillful in handling change. Terry Yoffe gives a masterclass in describing events from her early years and from her various jobs that helped prepare her to be an extraordinarily effective coach with her clients.

Terry Yoffe is an Executive, Business and Career Coach. She has been coaching for over 20 years, after many years in both corporate and entrepreneurial roles. She brings an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge to her coaching and specializes in global business relations, which is critical to her work with international clients.

Terry helps her clients maximize their talents and achieve their full potential. She employs a two-step process: having the client clarify their goals and then developing a focused strategic plan.

Terry is also the host of the Extraordinary Work Podcast: Conversations about Creating Change.

You’ll discover:

  • The varied experiences that prepared Terry for her coaching career
  • How she learned to deal with fear when stepping into the unknown
  • Tips for speaking up and advocating for yourself
  • What Terry does to guide clients to create changes in their lives

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