248: How to Become Unflappable

248: How to Become Unflappable

248: How to Become Unflappable

Did you know that stress is actually something we create in our own minds? It’s true! And Dr. Bridget Cooper shares specific Stress Busters that can help you become calmer in the face of any challenge. This is a must-listen episode if you’d like to ditch the drama in your life while maintaining your inner peace and personal power.

Bridget, or Dr. B as she’s called by her clients, is a cage rattler. Over the past 20+ years, she’s  helped teams and leaders think and communicate more clearly so they can navigate problems proactively and effectively. She works with clients to overcome the attitudes and behavior patterns that derail their success by offering down-to-earth insights and action plans.

Bridget does this through coaching, corporate consulting, and leading workshops that guide people to live more authentic, peaceful, and powerful lives. Her mission is to change the world, one life at a time. She has also done this in her new book, Unflappable: How Smart People Quit Overthinking, Ditch the Drama, & Thrive at Work, which is packed with practical suggestions you can start implementing right away.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Unflappable is the perfect title for her book
  • How we create stress and what we can do to reduce it
  • The benefits of creating a “bubble” in conflict situations
  • Why it’s important to create a Professional Avatar and why Bridget calls it “the holy grail”
  • The power of using the “Meet Them Where They Are” strateg

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