106: Create More Free Time and Deliver Greater Value

106: Create More Free Time and Deliver Greater Value

Do you feel stress or anxiety on a regular basis? That was the situation my guest Joe Perrone found himself in several years ago. As a small business owner, he had achieved greater financial success than he’d ever imagined, but he was not happy or at peace with himself. In this interview, Joe shares the various ah-ha’s he’s had in his journey to greater joy in every part of his life.

Joe is the owner of 2 businesses in New Haven Connecticut – New England Collision and Astro Auto Repair. He’s learned how it work ON his business instead of IN it. You’ll be amazed to hear that Joe spends just 15-20 hours each week on site. Today he works with other business owners who’d like to have more free time, energy and money. His ebook, “5 Keys to Time Freedom” has excellent tips for creating days that are fulfilling and anxiety-free.

You’ll discover:

  • What Joe did to recover from the anxiety and panic attacks he experienced from allowing his business to run him
  • Why Joe is so committed to lifelong learning
  • How Joe made the transition from working IN his business to working ON it
  • The impact that thinking of himself as a “business owner” had on Joe’s behavior
  • The habits Joe has put in place to focus on giving and delivering value to others

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