159: How to Identify the Mouse in the Room

159: How to Identify the Mouse in the Room

159: How to Identify the Mouse in the Room

We all know about the “elephant in the room.” But what about those less obvious thoughts and feelings you might be having?

My guest David Wood describes them in his captivating new book, The Mouse in The Room – Because the Elephant Isn’t Alone. You won’t want to miss out on the mice he names during our conversation…and the simple 3-D process you can use to determine if you want to bring them up.

We’re at a time when our world needs more vulnerability, transparency, and connection. David’s experiences make him the ideal person to teach us how to do that. He built the world’s largest coaching business and coached thousands of hours in 12 countries, and he’s advised business owners and leaders. The Mouse in The Room can be a powerful guide to fostering more connection, influence, and understanding with the people who matter to you, both at work and at home.

You’ll discover:

  • What “mouse naming” is and why it’s important for your wellbeing
  • What Toleration Mouse and Desire Mouse are connected to
  • Why we tend to hide our mice…from ourselves and from others
  • The impact that self-esteem has on our ability or willingness to identify mice and talk about them
  • How to receive a mouse from someone else without getting defensive

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