121: Replace Drama with Compassionate Accountability

121: Replace Drama with Compassionate Accountability

121: Replace Drama with Compassionate Accountability

Want to reduce the amount of drama and conflict in your life? My guest Nate Regier explains the drama triangle and the real causes of conflict…and why compassionate accountability is the solution to both. Nate’s unique perspective about conflict can help you approach differences with another person in a new, better way. He’s brilliant in creating models that foster positive relationships and workplaces…and then teaching clients how to use them to transform their organizations. You’ll find that his model for compassionate accountability has immediate application in your life.

Nate is the CEO and founding owner of Next Element Consulting, a global leadership firm dedicated to bringing compassion into the workplace. He’s the author of three books, and this interview focused on his second book: Conflict without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading with Compassionate Accountability. Nate hosts an excellent podcast called “On Compassion with Dr. Nate,” where he spotlights leaders committed to building positive cultures.

You’ll discover:

  • The dynamics between the 3 roles of Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor
  • Why Nate describes Rescuers as “non-consensual helpers”
  • What Nate means when he says, “Compassion is not for the faint of heart”
  • The 3 elements of the model (Open-Resourceful-Persistent-Order) and why the sequence is so important
  • The distinction between boundaries, ultimatums and consequences

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