Think you’re already a skilled listener? Think again. My guest Theresa Campbell shares insights that will help you listen more closely to yourself as well as to others. Theresa is the founder and CEO of Her Life, Her Legacy, a leadership development organization dedicated to the power of deep listening. As a leadership coach, author, and life-long learner, she helps you find and listen to what matters most. You’ll want to take notes to get the most value from this episode…and then apply these ideas to all aspects of your life. The question she poses to her clients towards the end can help you gain clarity about your desired future.

You’ll discover:

  • How deep listening differs from “regular” listening
  • The three voices you can listen to…and the potential impact when you do
  • Why slowing down and listening is an act of self-love
  • The difference between a GOAL line and a SOUL line
  • A key question Theresa asks her clients that you can use, too

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