223: How Baker Donelson Has Created an Inclusive Culture

A positive culture where people feel valued and empowered doesn’t happen by accident. Tim Lupinacci, CEO and Chair at Baker Donelson, has been intentional about creating one by developing a five-year vision, then getting buy-in and commitment from everyone in the law firm.

Tim Lupinacci leads more than 1,300 individuals in 22 law offices across the Southeastern US. Tim is presently leading the firm’s five-year BakerVision 2028 strategy and its Diversity & Inclusion Compact.

A life-long leadership student, Tim recently launched a nonprofit called Everybody Leads, focused on empowering individuals in underserved communities with basic leadership skills and confidence to better lead themselves, lead others, and lead in the community.

You’ll discover:

  • How Tim built buy-in and support for his vision and strategy
  • Efforts Tim has made to open pathways and leadership opportunities for women and marginalized groups
  • How The Women’s Equity Program has enabled more women to become equity shareholders in the firm
  • What’s behind Tim’s creation of his nonprofit and the impact he wants it to have

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