What does it take to create leadership training programs that result in real behavior change? Billy Martin has the answer because he’s done this successfully with sales leaders in two global companies—Salesforce and Dassault Systems. He describes all the elements built into their process, including teaching leaders how to ask powerful questions that draw out the native genius of their team members.

Billy is Senior Director of Strategic Programs and Leadership at Medidata Solutions, a Dassault Systems Company. He’s passionate about leading teams of professionals that create programs for onboarding new sales leaders and B2B sales reps around the world. His team builds and delivers various leadership business simulations, training programs, guided coaching activities and skill assessments — all designed to scale globally across the leadership community.

Billy is the co-author of One Thing: Focus on Sales Leadership: Insight from Top Business Executives on What It Takes to Be a Great Leader. He’s also been a basketball referee since 1978.

You’ll discover:

  • The FLIPD model and what the acronym means
  • How Billy uses simulations to make learning relevant for learners
  • The follow-up components that help leaders ingrain skills
  • What Billy and his team do to help leaders become effective coaches
  • Ways that Bill has grown as a leader over the years

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