189: The Best Leaders Are Wildly Self-Aware at GoDaddy

How do you create a leadership development program from scratch? Will Leahy explains how he did just that at GoDaddy as Senior Director of Learning and Talent. You’ll feel his unbridled enthusiasm for his work, and you’ll learn how he’s still refining that program after two years.

Throughout Will’s career at companies like Virgin Orbit, Hulu, and LinkedIn, there’s a common thread that’s near and dear to my own heart. Will has a passion for developing strong leaders who help others thrive and realize their full potential. And in our conversation we talked about how he’s been doing that at GoDaddy.

You’ll discover:

  • Will’s purpose and how he gets to fulfill it at GoDaddy
  • The key question Will asked that helped him develop a powerful leadership development program
  • The story behind The Everyday Leaders Program title
  • Why the program results in real changes in the way leaders lead
  • How Will utilizes the program’s Alumni Network to test new classes and get feedback

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